Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 New Widgets on ExtJS 3

ExtJS is one of the best AJAX/Javascript library in the world. Although the number of its widgets is not as much as other libraries, the superiority of ExtJS comes from very nice user interface. Since version 3, ExtJS introduced several nice widgets. Here they are:

1. Row Editor Grid

When you double click any row on this widget, the row will change to a form and allow you to edit the value. Once you finish, you can click the update button or cancel any changes.

2. Progress Bar Pager

Besides visualizing the number of data that are being displayed, this plugin allows you to change the page by clicking on the progress bar instead of using arrow buttons.

3. Sliding Pager

This is the other one of Paging Toolbar plugins. User can change the page by moving the slider instead of typing the page value in text box. When you move the slider, it is snapped to page values.

4. Group Tabs

Vertical tabs group with a nice interface.

5. Toolbar Overflow

The previous versions of ExtJS didn't support toolbar resizing so if toolbar has many controls, they will be invisible when panel is resized. But it's not anymore now.

6. Tab Scroller Menu

Inspired by modern web browsers, ExtJS made a new feature that will make our life easier. User can navigate within many tabs opened at once.

7. Charts

I was surprised knowing that ExtJS includes chart library in this version. It's a good start though it still has a few of chart types.

8. Spinner

It's just an ordinary widget that is also supported in any other desktop application framework. May be ExtJS developers forgot to include this widget on previous releases.

9. Toolbar Button Groups

I think most of software developers who use ExtJS would be very interested in this widget. This widget mimics Microsoft Office ribbon toolbar that comes since Microsoft Office 2007.

10. Check Tree

This widget is usually used by many installers on desktop application.

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